Friends of Cindy Roberts Vocal Studio

Derric Johnson

- Founder of ReGeneration and Voices of Liberty, Vocal Arranger, Composer, Producer, Author

Cindy Roberts sang for me in VOICES OF LIBERTY for nine years at Epcot in Walt Disney World. Her voice was always perfect in feeling, accuracy and quality. She demonstrated great presence, exceptional talent and excellent communication skills. Whatever anyone can learn from Cindy will be fulfilling, proper and long lasting. I recommend her without question… and give her an A+ as a performer and as a person.

Kirk Kirkland

- Worship Leader, Composer/Arranger, Vocal Contractor

I first met Cindy Roberts at a recording session in the Nashville area. Someone told me that she had been in the Voices of Liberty acapella group at the Epcot Disney park. Having grown up in Florida, frequenting the Disney parks, I loved that group. I would go as many times as I could in one day to hear them, even if they were repeating songs I'd heard before. And knowing their director (at the time), Derric Johnson, I knew how difficult the audition process was, and how challenging the arrangements are. That told me a lot about Cindy before I ever introduced myself to her, or heard her sing.

Then getting to work with her told me so much more. Not only is she a consummate professional in the studio, always bringing her A game, but she is great at different styles. There is a lot of talent in Nashville, but the ones who get asked back to work for contractors and producers are the ones who also have great attitudes and work hard without complaining. Cindy brings such joy and light to each session she is on!

I've been blessed to work with Cindy on our volunteer worship leader team at church as well. Her sincerity and commitment to make every ensemble better is evident and contagious. We regularly have her work on vocal techniques with our choirs, and she is so effective because she has high standards and personal integrity. Cindy is patient and encouraging. She has a teacher's heart and a love of cultivating musicality and excellence in singers of all ages and ability levels.

Greg Nelson

- Grammy and Dove Award Winning Producer, Composer, Arranger, Author

What a privilege it is for me to recommend Cindy Roberts and her vocal studio. I have known Cindy both professionally and personally for a number of years, and to be sure, she represents what is the finest in vocal training and coaching.

I have worked with many wonderful singers in my life, and find her approach to correctly using and caring for the voice to be of the highest caliber, regardless of genre. What is so intriguing about Cindy's work, is not only does she work well with young singers, but has a strong affinity to help seasoned vocalists dealing with issues of injury or overuse of their voice.

When she works with a singer, I've experienced the tremendous growth in their presentation as a result of her work.

It is one thing to be at your best as a musician, but it is as important to be a quality person. In the professional world, musicianship is understood, it then becomes a matter of with whom you enjoy working. Cindy Roberts represents everything that is integrity, humility, graciousness deference and kindness... as well as an unwavering desire for excellence.

I highly recommend this amazing musician and teacher/coach.

Marty Parks

- Dove Award Nominated Composer, Arranger, Choral Conductor, Author

Cindy Roberts is, without a doubt, one of my favorite singers on the planet! The musical skills she brings to the recording studio are impeccable; the professionalism with which she employs those skills is exemplary; and the spirit that accompanies all this makes it an absolute joy to work with her. If she can impart just half of what she does and who she is, her students will be extremely fortunate.

Dick Tunney

- Grammy and Dove Award Winning Composer, Arranger, Producer

With great pleasure I recommend Cindy Roberts as coach, overseer and mentor to singers. The success of any teacher/coach is borne in the fruit of their students. You don't have to look too far to see that her students have gone on to 'next-level' steps as singers, musicians and artists. This new venture promises to be equally as fruitful and will be infused with additional individual attention. This is a 'can't miss' opportunity for seasoned singers.

Melodie Tunney

- Grammy and Dove Award Winning Singer, Composer, Arranger, Founding Member of First Call

I've had the privilege of knowing Cindy and seeing her at work in several capacities - as a performer for Disney, recording as a Christian artist, and I've sung alongside her in the studio. With each opportunity, she does her job with joy, excellence and professionalism. Given her experience and expertise, working with Cindy on issues of vocal stamina and health is a great choice!

Abigail Wilson

- Student, Liberty University

Cindy Roberts took my spark of interest in music as a young singer and quickly helped ignite my passion for singing. Her ability to teach with both technical excellence and excitement captivated me. When I started voice lessons, I knew very little about singing technique. I lacked confidence and it showed in my performance. Over our years of working together, Mrs. Roberts helped me develop avenues in my voice that I did not know existed. In this process, she helped me grow in both confidence and professionalism as a singer.

Cindy Roberts covers a wide variety of genres and styles in her teaching. She helped me tackle classics from multiple eras, composers, and languages. When it was time for me to audition for my college's School of Music, my wide repertoire was very impressive. Her attention to detail teaching me elements of diction helped prepare me greatly. In addition to helping me achieve classical milestones, she helped me prepare for many Musical Theatre shows. She helped me with my character development for a comedic character, guided me in finding the perfect, yet healthy "show tune belt", and demonstrated how increasing musicality adds emotional depth to each performance.

Anyone who is lucky enough to learn from her will gain a life full of useful knowledge. They will also gain a lifelong supporter. Even now, I continue to reach out to her for guidance throughout my college experience. I now am pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Choral Music Education, and plan to get my Master's in Vocal Performance. I will carry lessons learned from Mrs. Roberts with me in my future career. I hope one day I can encourage students to experience the joy of music that she demonstrated to me so well.